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DIY-Tips to Update the Interior Design of Your home on a budget

DIY-Tips to Update the Interior Design of Your home on a budget

There’s no denying that all the glitz and glamour of your home can cost a fortune, but you can reduce spending on fees spent for an Interior Designer. From the viral posts in social media today, you already have the perfect home decor and designs right at your fingertips. Plus, it does no harm to your budget, if you can indulge in home decorating on your own as well. Here are some DIY tips to update the interiors of your home on a tight budget.

Add a splash of colors on the walls

Bored with the dull interiors of your home? Transform it by changing the wall’s paint color or putting up some bright new wallpaper. Go for an intense dark shade or neon colors to liven up the interiors. You can also mix and match swatches in one room or mixed in one and plain on the other, to make the interiors livelier and fun. After all, painting a wall or putting on wallpapers is just plain fun to do!

Recycle and Reuse

Sometimes, all it takes to transform the looks of an outdated room, is just to change the positions of the furniture items and decors. Of course, this is most possible in spacious rooms, but rooms with limited space can use a little TLC with just DIY decors also! Go through your current household items and see how they can be reused or recycled. Watching some fun hacks from the internet won’t hurt for some great ideas too! You’ll definitely find an interesting use for an old item that has been lying around your storage or attic.

Buy cheap finds at auctions and flea markets

Bargain hunting is an idea that has been used by most people to spruce the interiors of their homes.  You can get cheap furniture items at charity shops, auctions, eBay, and flea markets which still look great. Just sand and paint some items and presto! By all appearances, a new furniture piece. Invest in “last season” designs and end of rolls of upholstery fabrics from retailers, at dirt cheap prices to change the looks of your rooms.

Change the lighting

Have you ever experimented with lighting? It takes very little money to transform the looks of a room by choosing a beautiful lampshade or a light’s color. Replace the old table lamps with new ones that are antique or matching with the color scheme of your rooms and you’re sure to have a brand new vibe.

Upholstery change makes all the difference

If you think buying a new sofa is out of the question, why not buy sofa and pillow covers to give a fresh new look with the same sofa set? Compliment your newly painted walls with colors on your upholstery. It’ll be a sure fire hit!

Use paintings to make the interiors lively

Want to know what’s a cheaper way to upgrade your home? Paintings! Buy a few and spread them out on an empty space in the room, in a symmetrical manner. Wood mounted paintings will look wonderful and catch the attention of guests. You can also create the magic, with the help of beautiful posters or photo frames if you do not want to spend money a lot of money on artwork.

With the use of these DIY tips, you can surely give your home a makeover without going over your budget!



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